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YAMAR Electronics Ltd.

Yamar Electronics Ltd. is a privately owned SME, established in 1994. Its business is in the fast growing market of Multiplex Communication networks. Since its foundation, Yamar developed and still developing, technology and semiconductors for communication over noisy battery power lines. Powerlines are typically very noisy due to impulses generated by loads connected to these lines. Yamar’s DC-BUS technology overcomes the noise and allows robust communication on the DC power lines. The DC-BUS technology implementation saves the weight, size and cost of Aerospace and ground vehicles harness.

The technology enables multiplex communication of data, voice, music and video signals by digital means over Direct Current (DC) battery lines for variety of applications. Yamar devices are in use by customers, in Europe, South-East Asia and America in many applications ranging from Aerospace to Toys. Currently, Yamar’s leading products are from the SIG family of devices mainly the SIG60 and SIG61. The SIG60 devices, allow simple implementation of the DC-BUS technology by any Host with a UART interfaces. The SIG61 devices, eliminates the need for a local Host and can accept commands from the DC-BUS allowing them to either write data to their 8 outputs or send back the reading from their 8 inputs. In addition to the above, Yamar’s has solution also for CAN and SPI protocols in bit rates up to 500Kbps.