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The work for this project will be manly performed by Centre Spatial Liege (ULG_CSL), which is a research Centre of the University of Liege. This Centre has not a separated legal personality but belongs to the Liege University, which is the beneficiary number 4. 80 people are currently working in this research centre that are under the payroll of the Liege University. Its activities are organized in the three following programs: Test program: This program manages the tests done to validate Space H/W for qualification before flight model manufacturing or for acceptance before flight. Space systems Program: The Space System Program covers the developments of space instruments, from feasibility study to on-ground qualification and delivery to S/C platform. Technology Program: ULG_CSL offers research & development support or trainings in the following fields: Optical Design & Metrology, Mechanical & Thermal Design, Electronics in space environment, Surfaces micro &nanoengineering, Thermal vacuum facilities, Satellite data processing.