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First Prototype

According to the first coordination meeting held on november 2014 at CSL facilities, the consortium decided that the first MPBus prototype is composed of:

  •          1 Bus Controller.
  •          7 Intelligent Nodes.
  •          3 connectors to be jettisoned on each stage of the launcher.
  •          1 carrier.
  •          3 batteries.
  •          3 loads.

The next picture illustrates the schematic design for the first prototype which is divided into three stages due to the MPBus structure is based on a modular three stage launcher like Ariane 5.  The system will start powering on an external power source called carrier and the rest of the batteries will be connected/disconnected according to the programmed mission. The stage number one corresponds with the lower stage of the launcher and the number three with the higher one.


After each subcomponent has been checked for compatibility and conformity to engineering specifications, the integration of the first prototype from the MPBus subcomponents (Bus, Intelligent Nodes, controller, etc.) manufactured has been performed at JMP Ingenieros facilities.

For the First Prototype, military components have been used and the results of this prototype will be consider in order to decide if space components will be used for the Final MPBus Prototype.

First MPBus Prototype is completly integrated in a robust technology demonstrator in which the desired tested have been performed.