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MPBus project. Finalist on a German Aerspace Center challenge

MPBus project has been finalist, among more than 200 initiatives, in the "INNOspace Masters Satellite 4.0" competition organized by the German Aerospace Center, Space Administration on behalf by de Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The competition prize is part of the "ESA BIC Challenge"  by ESA, and an intense mentoring provided by OHB.

This program has the support of companies such as European Space Agency, DLR, Airbus and Defense & Space, and aims to bring the innovations of the industrial world into space, in order that can shorten the innovations of the industrial world into space.



The MPBus ( project, developed by Jmp Ingenieros S.L.and Nájera Aerospace S.L. (Sotés - La Rioja - Spain) and with partners such as Centre Spatial de Liège (Liege - Belgium) and Yamar Electronics Ltd. (Tel Aviv - Israel), aims to reduce all cabling systems, communications and energy existing in conventional launchers to one. This will allow the provision of increased load capacity and increased system security.

This system is capable of implementation in other media like satellites, space probes, submarines or any vehicle with distributed energy.



Next May 4 will be known if the idea of ​​Jmp engineers imposes the highest award of the competition, at a gala in Berlin and if achieved, the consortium would have a seat in the "Innovation Centre of the European Space News agency" and its development would be closer to commercialization.



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