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Yamar Electronics Ltd. progress meeting & IAC 2015 (Jerusalem, Israel)

From 12th to 16th of October, the MPBus team travelled to Israel to visit the facilities of Yamar Electronics Ltd. in Jerusalem

The 13th early in the morning, took place the first team meeting, where each partner exposed its progress in the process, representing a significant progress in the MPBus project.


The next day, MPBus team went to “IAC 2015 Jerusalem” (International Astronautical Congress), a convention held between 12th and 16th of the current month, where Yair Maryanka (Yamar Electronics Ltd.) presented MPBus project for the audience in a day of conferences and show of the projects that are taking place in the world of aerospace engineering.

After the conference, Pablo Ortiz (NASP) attended to another talks and visited the stands of the different exhibiting companies in the IAC convention.




IAC Jesuralem 2015