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MPBus consortium with 4 partners (3 SMEs (JMP, NASP and YAMAR) and one research centre (CSL)).
Different countries are addressed in this project, Yamar Electronics Ltd. from Israel, Centre Spatial de Liége from Belgium, and from Spain JMP Ingenieros and Najera Aerospace.

is a multifunctional engineering SME.
is an SME specialized in the design of electronics for the aerospace sector.

is an innovative company with a focus on Semiconductors for DC and AC

Power Line Communication Networks.

is a research centre dedicated to space instrumentation including environmental

test facilities and high level laboratories.


Each project partner is directly responsible for the design, manufacturing, integration or testing of MPBUS subsystems in consistence with its area of expertise.



(From left to right, from down to up)

Julio Herreros (Innovation, Industry and Commerce General Manager of La Rioja Government), Regina Laorden (JMP Ingenieros), Eduardo Remírez (JMP Ingenieros), Yair Maryanka (Yamar Electronics Ltd.), Luis Moreno (JMP Ingenieros), Joseph Bernier (Centre Spatial de Liège), Ricardo Martin (JMP Ingenieros), Lara Presa (Nájera Aerospace), Pablo Ortiz (Nájera Aerospace), Yaniv Seri (Yamar Electronics Ltd.), Javier Alonso (Nájera Aerospace), Arnaud Debaize (Centre Spatial de Liège), Nicolas Martin (Centre Spatial de Liège) and Andoni Parras (JMP Ingenieros).